Corporate Infrastructure Setup

A  Corporate Organizational Structure (business infrastructure plan) creates a road map that is used to start and run a company. This road map consists of a four part plan: daily operations, processes, structure/compliance and employees. Each component of the business infrastructure should be created and analyzed independently. The plan should act as a standalone resource for the way the business is to grow and progress into the future.

The Business Structure is extremely important. First you select a name for the business.Second you decide how your business will be formed. Choose from a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, S corporation or non-profit. The requirements and business documents necessary to start a business vary from state to state. You also need to complete incorporation forms and submit forms and fees to the state where the business will be located. Apply for a tax identification number or employee identification number with the Internal Revenue Service. Need to register with all the credit agencies. Register with your state’s department of taxation, and procure a sales tax license if you will be selling retail goods.
Need to develop a business plan and do ample research. Have a company mission statement, outlining business goals and growth expectations. Outline what your new business will do, what you might need to start a new enterprise, and what your business will bring to the community.
Define the type of operating environment the business will need during the initial growth phase. Create a proforma for your business. The proforma should include start-up costs, salaries, operating costs and marketing costs to start and operate the business. Determine what financial assistance is needed to start the business, as well as where the financing will come from.
Calculate labor costs by determining salaries or hourly rates for each position. Decide whether the worker in the position needs to be a full-time or part-time employee or a contractor.
Need to create an organizational chart for the business, detailing the positions needed to start the business, ranging from CEO and management to general staff and hourly employees. Create a job description for each position. Outline specific duties, as well as who each position may report to. Rank each position based upon need and budget. Create a projected growth list. Include future employees needed & materials or tools you might need as the company expands. Prioritize these items based upon need & budget.
This is just a basic idea of what is needed not a complete list of what is needed to start a business. Also if the corporate structure is a multi-company infrastructure then you will need to speak to our Corporation organizational infrastructure specialists.
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In several countries world wide also with several knowledgeable employees and strategic partnerships we truly cover all aspects of your business, let us bring you back the joy to your work. Speak to us today about accounting and financial services.

Corporation Setup

Our services include sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation, S corporation or non-profit. We assist in preparing all business documents and incorporation forms and submit to the state if necessary. Apply for a tax identification number or employee identification number with the IRS. Need to register with the credit agencies. Register sales tax license if you will be selling retail goods.

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We understand the importance of well organised tax accounting. We get the most out of it and keep following all the changes in the law all year long. Therefore we have strategic partnerships with some of the best tax specialists for national structure or international structure.

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Let our team be sure that your company has the proper licensing and documentation for your business. Available day and night, our staff is just a phone call away and with amazing response and delivery time you just cannot go wrong with our services.

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Workflow, Automation, Processes and Structure is where you let our company help you get setup for success. Digital communication and collaboration is the future. We provide the necessary expertise and framework for your business to grow.

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Let our dedicated staff take care of al your administrative services. Paperwork, contracts, legal,… we take care of all the boring things.

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We offer a variety of business services from properly structuring your business, creating a fundable business profile, grooming or building your businesses credit scores to becoming fundable, credit repair (Personal or Business), will assist you with changes, modifications, additions or deletions of members, directors, officers, shareholders or company address. In addition we also provide assistance with dissolutions, selling ownership interest, lending funds, acquiring lines of credit, business loans, real estate or project funding establishing or terminating a fictitious name, agreements, mergers, purchasing or selling your business and more! Our Mission is to help businesses succeed and also give them the tools they need to reach their business goals.

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